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In 2014 the herd was moved to Cornwall and is located at Haye, Quethiock. John and I started on Dartmoor in 2003 with just three alpacas - the prize winning herd has now grown to over 40. With the experience gained I am able to provide advice on keeping alpacas and give guidance on buying these lovely animals. 

Alpaca fleece is very soft and extremely warm. About three times a year I run courses on both husbandry and fleece processing so do contact me for details. 

All the fleece is used to make, amongst other things, scarves, throws, clothing, material, hats, mittens, stuffed teddy bears and other animals, as well as knitting wool. All of which are sold at shows and craft fairs. 

The alpacas for sale are suitable as pets or for breeding - young males, young females, pregnant females and stud males. Alpacas make an ideal added attraction on campsites or holiday complexes and are excellent with people with health problems. 

I am happy to show you the alpacas and to explain how easy they are to keep, so give me a call or email me at rosalindpugh1942@gmail.com 

Rosalind Pugh, Haye, Quethiock, Liskeard, Cornwall, PL14 3SH 

01752 851549


From Nikki Markham, Director Battling On

“We have bought six alpacas from Rosalind Pugh and she was extremely helpful not only in helping us make sure the alpacas settled down but in providing comprehensive and advice and support. All the alpacas we have bought from Rosalind are very calm and are obviously used to being handled. I would recommend whole heartedly buying from her, we use our alpacas for animal assisted intervention helping young people with learning difficulties and disabilities and they are a joy to work with”

Nikki Markham, Director Battling On

Merryhue Farmhouse, Callington, PL17 7HW

Tel: 01579 384798, Mobile: 07968 163352, www.battling-on.com